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제목 To dear rainbow,
작성자 deborah9

The old timers in this site may remember what happened in this site after that episode. I can feel the pain all over to read your writing, and understand the hurt, so I will try my best easy that pain and go to next page in our lives cont. This is my point of view about Sewalho; 1, fdjAccident can happen to anybody. How we respond to that is important point. I wrote to here how I was angry and we must do something, all the professors in US net worked and requested the Korean government. 2, I wrote to President Park G H, that pay the one million to family of the each victim, and two million to the family who did not find boody, because they will live night mare rest of their lives to wonder what happen to the child. I did not f/u after what the government did. She should take out the $$$ from emergency fund account, time is essence here. What we should learn from this this; 1, the education system should modify to child's independency rather than blind compliance with rules and regulations. No US highschool kids will stay their seat when water is coming up to their floor, no matter who say what. they will come up to deck and jump out of ship. these is human nature and instinct. 2, The Captian of this ship should save the last life, and gown with the ship in the water. If I was the command at that time, I would kill him without court process, no need to explain why. this will prevent the same episode in the future. The navy people do not need order from the president to save our son and daughter from drawn and die. This is my point of view. Please, rainbow, try to see the situation from different view, and heal yourself from the pain. I know you have very sensitive good heart, but past is past, one should focus to today for the better. I hope this my few words will help you. You are wise man I know.

2017-06-16 15:58:13
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7   deborah9 [ 2017-06-16 19:34:25 ] 

Rainbow, I am not a professor, I am a Registered Nurse, I got my lic. in US college. I did have good laugh this morning, because of you and coffee. Let us not make fun of him, because he is like bird with broken wing, you would not step on him. Just ignor him.

6   rainbows79 [ 2017-06-16 18:23:17 ] 

deborah교수님 !
정말로 많이 울었습니다.
먼저 정말로 많이 감사하고 또 감사드립니다.
빨리 답변 드리려 했는데 온 몸에 힘이 다 빠져서요!
나중에 기운 차리고 다시 감사 표시 드리겠습니다.
딱 하나만 말씀 드리겠습니다.
이런 ㄷ보다 못한 종들 상대 마세요!
제 방식!이 있습니다.

손 손가락에 힘이 없고 떨려서 나중에요!

5   deborah9 [ 2017-06-16 18:00:48 ] 

Zen, earthworm, don't you know that I do not want mix my word with you? Just leave me alone and no comment on my writing, ameba.... I donoy wish you become homeless.

4   zenilvana [ 2017-06-16 17:56:35 ] 

Your threat is the one we could do take action against you, because you started yourself first sometime ago.

We only reacted accordingly to remind you that those dirty words of yours could have inflicted our name and dignity very badly.

If you do respect us honorably, then we will do the same. Otherwise, go ahead do the suit as you wish.

3   deborah9 [ 2017-06-16 17:11:09 ] 

I know #1, and #2 come from one sick brain. If you do not stop, I will take action, 1, talk to your wife to manage her husband better, or call the plice and show all the printing comments here like above, slendering other people, comming from sick brain. The choice is yours.

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