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A book just published by Kent Gilbert attorney of California, living in Tokyo now is popular among the Japanese, is sold many.

his website


says in the book
Selfish Chinese and Korean do not recognaize own falt but also if someone blame it they become frenzied and pass the buck around
it is Korean to lie calmly to keep pride
jealousy and obsession are somewhat to everyone but on the sick level I believe Korean is the worst among the world ... ...<

( I guess Japanese likes this kind of book, wonder come soon English version in California, wonder this attorney studied all race of the world, I see atacking Korean or in public be able to make huge money today in Japan.)

2017-06-18 10:06:26
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6   deborah9 [ 2017-06-18 16:02:00 ] 

#5, your cerebrum is 90 % mal function, that the father in the heven will call you up tomorrow, that I hope. Guys, help this guy shut his mouth. Help, Help!!!

5   zenilvana [ 2017-06-18 15:53:19 ] 

9De기를 밟지 마라. 그러면 꿈틀할 것이다. It will fight back cursing all kind of dirty words like "go fuck yourself! Gilbert".

And then not only it will sue on its own but also summons all the lawyer in C.A. to bring the guy to justice. Isn't it quite a alarming threat even if it a Christian?

What in a world a 9Degi happens to do such a thing by any chance. It is very strange in deed.

4   coffee [ 2017-06-18 14:57:51 ] 

이렇게 정의감 있는 분들도 있어 세상은 살만 합니다.
드보라님 아마도 제 생각에는 켄트란자가 변호사 일로는 밥먹고 살기 힘들어서 그러것 같은데 저대로 살다가 가게 그냥 신경 끊으세요. 한국내에도 일본인 인지 한국인 인지.... 많습니다.

3   deborah9 [ 2017-06-18 14:08:31 ] 

I will take further action, after I read book. Our children will live in the land, I have two. It is our generation responsibility to make their life fairly. I may take his lic. as atty in Ca. by prove his behavior is unlawfully practiced according to Bar Associatin of Ca. I Believe all the Korean atty in Ca. should take legal action. I am not the kind christian who give the other cheek if someone slap the my cheek without any reason. I cut off neck so there will not be second chance to do that.

2   deborah9 [ 2017-06-18 13:15:29 ] 

street 7, thanks to let us to know. I have message to atty Gilbert Kent, with the most civilized language in English language, "go fuck yourself! Gilbert". The readers in this site, now know why I have no stress...

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