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제목 Free from Fear of Death Leading to the Perfect Health
작성자 deborah9

This is for everyone of us included myself. I experienced the cause of most of our illness and pain come from fear and worry, all the negative thought. ssangkall, first I honor for your love for the country. Second, I want tell you stop thinking of the Korea for now, because one cannot change the constituition and country. I believe my mother land is taken by red already. I thank to the God that ALL MY IMMEDIATELY family is in US. I also lost my sleep many night for the all the good people, smart, will to work hard, love, like my home town people, all the flag people on the old winter day scream for the freedom and fairness, with a lot of tears, but now I change the cause and pray. It is out of hand, the God can handle. Before I end , I will tell you about the title. When we think, we must very careful what to think, because our body is respond automatically according to what we think. If you image, not reality, you open the lemon and juice hit your tongue, you will have mouthful of water just like that. same principle, if you think good, our body is also functioning at its best, heart stomach, kidney, etc..... I am 74 years old and I have no cavity, no pain no medication totake except ablood pressure, that I got from my moms family, which I manage well to normal level with medication. Therefore I can say to your guys zero stress leading to perfect health. I donot mind if the God call me tomorrow, I will be fine. I am totally believe that going to another demention is not bad. cont next more details...

2017-11-14 07:32:32
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5   ssangkall [ 2017-11-14 14:31:05 ] 

And then, why do you come to this open forum and talk about a crap topic?
The other person's writings are useless, and the idea that only you write plausible writings means you’re a commie bastard like Moon Jae-in.

4   zenilvana [ 2017-11-14 10:44:18 ] 

#2...Why then you Ssangkal have doing 'flip flop' the stuffs which are beyond your control? Don't you think that concerns of yours are anxiety?

What debora9 is revealing to us today is that we have to avoid unnecessary worry so as for us to achieve better health. Not the matter of your father or a relative who had had a great status in Korean society.

She is talking about your mentality to be observed properly to get the fear out of all kind of social problems, so you called patriotic endeavor which should not be your concern in the first place.

Because you cannot do anything about it for that nation no matter how loudly you scream out to this Open Forum, only to create more noise and chaos for the rest of us for nothing.

3   deborah9 [ 2017-11-14 10:12:22 ] 

I agree with you Zen.

2   ssangkall [ 2017-11-14 10:10:47 ] 

dear deborah9
thank you for mentioning about.... i understood all about you said. but I ain't worrying for anything under any situation or fear any circumstances, but i am concerning about my fatherland. I have no relative in s Korea for my family escaped from north in 1947, my father was a devout Christian pastor. my father's younger brother's dog-tag is still being buried @ national cemetery in dong jack-dong. my ancestors fought for freedom against Japan and communist.
i don't get that much stress, just concerning all about...
May God bless you and all.

1   zenilvana [ 2017-11-14 10:09:27 ] 

Your article is all about revelation. Freedom of anxiety, whatever forms those are, brings you a peace of mind, which can be obtained through quiet meditation. Why does people create unwanted chaos by themselves? That is caused by misguided or ignorance in life management.

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