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작성자 deborah9

I am US citizen, but I have hard time to get enough sleep , because of the situation of the Korean peninsula. I am not politician, but I feel deep in me the way we US can overcome the problems we have. #1, no matter how and what is to be said, you enforce the plan that decapitate the Kim J. U., because South Korean live the fear of that fat pig might spread biochemical any time, without guilty feelings, and as long as supply $$$ he will not harm south[bull]. #2, even after we eliminate the puppet of china in the north Korea, if we let the Xi play cheep dirty play, the South Korean will be same situation, because he has no love the north Koreans and use them indirect cause of the US enemy, to take up Korean after you withdrow the US power. This should never happen, because of political power, but the lives of south, and north Korean people. US should tell the Xi lay off from Koreans otherwise USyill also make flat parking lot the main land China with the business and $$$ in US by Chinese people. The China will collaps quickly. I also want tell you why no nation in this earth will win the war with US, because Army is not by force or duty, but volunteer joined the army. they want defend the country and family with love. Therefore you have the strongest power, so do not change your plan to destroy communism on this earth, good chance to do that.

2018-02-14 09:20:48
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1   deborah9 [ 2018-02-16 16:41:41 ] 

Russia and China start to help North Korea evil, clean them too. You US can do, because you have right purpose to fight and they are side with evil. !/6 of Calif size North Korea empty headed pig is threatening US... Ha Ha Ha. ...

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