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제목 What's the reason behind 'twilight divorce'
작성자 zenilvana

The other day I watched a mid-50th divorcee sobbing upon Youtube interview about his predicament who lives alone without a wife and grown children at a one-room apartment.

It seems oddly enough sad for me to come across such a young Korean who lost everything including a family due to early lay-off and bankruptcy in a belated business venture. He has been working on all kinds of the manual job to support himself. It appears a personal tragedy in mid-life all right, unfortunately.

I do not know at what age he started a marriage life, but we could easily assume around the age of 25-30 might be the appropriate time. In Korea, it appears the 'twilight divorce' connotate the 20 years of marriage to fall into that category.

It sounds very funny for the 55 to 60th young men to belong to the sunset situation, even if they have been in the married state for 20 years or a little more. This guy I am talking about might be pretty much definitely too early to be called twilight one.

In terms of the twilight divorce, I would say the mid-60th or older might be the appropriate age group to consider as such in view of their desolate situation in life.

Have you ever thought about what in the world the Korean couple breaks up so easily the bondage of matrimonial relationship in a conservative society like Korea? In fact, the younger generation does more in drove, say 50% out of all married couple.

The primary reasons behind are said to be the stigma of divorce gone and court rulings make older women financially viable to be independent. In view of the emotional aspect, however, I think the foremost motive for women to initiate it might be feeling felt trapped in a loveless marriage for decades.

They do not want to sustain anymore the husband’s patriarchal and overbearing behavior. When they were young, the sexual hormone did the trick, so-called love, to put up all kind of hardships from the rearing children to the oneway abuse by husbands.

They say all men are created equal, including women of course. But in Korean traditionally women are inferior until the time when the Western influence and the free economic development. Women do not have to rely upon the shoulder of their men anymore.

The source of the real problem can be attributed to men's lack of awareness about the ever-changing marital status and the stubbornness to be treated always as princes in the kingdom of family. I would say they are ignorant and stupid, which caused them to live miserable lives in the Twilight Zone after all.


2018-09-10 13:38:09
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