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제목 $ 250,000 to my asset.
작성자 deborah9

I passed the almost 2 hrs extensive physical and Psychological test[dementia] and received the policy, which gives the benefit of life insurance in case if I go to heaven suddenly, $250k, if I lie down[sick] and nonproduce $$$, the policy gives the check of $5.000 per monthly[2%of the face amt] after 3 month elimination period that covered by medacare till $250k is used[ about 4 years], but young people own this policy is chip and healthy,[200dollars/m for 500k and get paid 10k/month if sick] put the $$$ under insurance is that not tax during growth, tax difer, but one can withdraw in case of need $$$$, no pay tax on, because of loan against policy, just like loan $$$ when you buy house, no tax paid the loan amt. I believe this is the best way to plan the your later life, if you can pass physical like me.I pay for this policy $1,660/month. 25 years old healthy young guys may pay for 500k, 200./ month. I like to tell your guys if you are not healthy, but you have lg amt.$$$, you can open the account gives return of 10%, so you can use for living, and if any left in the account and you went heaven, your family get the balance, is not insurance. Use your brain wise way guys, not cut other people down because you fill insecure.

2018-09-13 07:58:42
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4   zenilvana [ 2018-09-13 09:51:45 ] 

샹흐니선생이 하긴 눈치가 매우 빠르당께로.
누구를 어떻게 알고 쌍칼이나 rainbow, stephnos?
얼러 세운다고 보험을 살 것 같은가 보지......

교회에는 얼치기들이 많이 모이니까 거길 나가고,
열당엔 멍충이가 득실거린다고 보고 보험광고를 하노만.
BMW X1을 타고 다닐 실력이면 먹을 만하게 잘 살겠다만,
그 몸뚱이에는 기름덩이가 아직도 부족하다는 건가?

3   deborah9 [ 2018-09-13 08:23:07 ] 

I forgot to tell your guys, the $$$ you put extra to this account, gives lowest, 0.75% which you will not loose the principle even if the market goes minus, and top sealing is 15%, dam good return, safety, overcome inflation. Study....

2   deborah9 [ 2018-09-13 08:15:54 ] 

Wrong , wronf, wrong,... watch your tong sanghai. The policy name is FFIUL , STUDY AND CALL ME NAME. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU KNOW ANYTHING IN $$$ WORLD.

1   shanghaip [ 2018-09-13 08:08:29 ] 

희대의 사깃꾼들이 다몰리는구랴....
모략 난동 모리배(謀利輩) 주사파 림종석 동무가 청화대 들어가 한국 정치판을 난장판을 만들더니, 월남 보험 사깃꾼의 사주를 받은 뒤보라 9 여사 여기 또 횡차 흐셨꾸마잉....

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