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제목 Ju Ok Sun, the Heroin in South Korea has!
작성자 deborah9

I am so glad we still have a true person who speaks for the future of the country, not afraid to speak for the truth, even we saw what happened to Chung Mi Hong. I will pray for Ju Ok Sun, and ask to the God to keep her safety. Sametime I wish the South Korea has more brave human being like Kim Jin Tae, Chun Hi Kyung, and Hawang Kyo Ahn... and the smartest and good young students from all the colleges and universities. I believe and have faith in them, because they are not soiled by the dirty Korean politics yet. I want to tell the 4 CEOs who will go to North Korea, STOP, do not go even if the government give your guys try to close up your buss. The right principle will results right. No Korean will against to help poor North Koreans who live like animals, except the fat Kim Jung Un who has the spirit of evil, will not change, no matter how much $$$ we help. The poor people make me pain when I think of them, but not Mr. Mun's way. Wake up country!!!!!

2018-09-14 07:31:35
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2   deborah9 [ 2018-09-15 21:24:59 ] 

I saw the youtube that preparation for meeting for south and north, ignoring the restrictions of UN. I hope not end resulted building the house on the sand so soon.

1   deborah9 [ 2018-09-14 08:36:23 ] 

We have one brand new hero Hwang Sung Whan Police man, who tell the country the wrong conduct of government, brave man only 32years old , but with the leadership. Let us keep eye on this guy.

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