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"7 signs that you may be a psychopath" - Sam Becker, 12/26/'16.

1. Comlpulsive lying.
2. Emotional detachment.
3. Narcissitic personality (NPD).
4. Reckless attitude.
5. Anger.
6. Manipulation (of others).
7. Revolving door of friends.

You are the expert in 1. 2.You are not feeling "true" human feelings, although you express your feelings through your thoughts. Alex knows 3 better than you do. 4 & 5 You are the best. 6 & 7.How may times did you hate and like your birds in the same flock? And very small one!

2019-01-09 16:52:45
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13   deborah9 [ 2019-01-10 08:26:30 ] 

correction, long= wrong. I agree with #8, sanghaip. He is ok guy.

12   deborah9 [ 2019-01-10 08:21:32 ] 

The fact is I am not what Zen said, and what is important is the spirit of the man has. No human being is perfect but the God. Zen is not the god, but man, and time to time he look down the writer, but I believe some of them deserve what he said. I do not see the man how handsome he is, but what kind mind he has. Alex, you are not perfect, but I love your sharp sense of what is right or long. I must tell you that I am dispointed of your behavior. Gang up with some of writers in this site is just like to the bird with wing broken on side of the road, you stepping on the bird, instead give the help. you know and I know that Zen has some problem, but long term friendship one should not attack like some trash human being in this site. Zen was not angel, but I could forgive him because he is not all strong being. Your guys , remember "treat others as you want to be treated" We all around 70's, nobody guarantee that you will be different from Zen. Have more love and forgiving, it is more fun in life.

11   alexander [ 2019-01-10 06:53:32 ] 

젠은 데보라에게 , 전라도 말씨를 쓰는 띠룩띠룩 살만찐 뚱뽀 여편네
라는 치욕적이고 모욕적인 말을 듣고도 젠을 옹호할 마음이 생기는

10   alexander [ 2019-01-10 06:08:31 ] 

젠이 요즘 안보이니 열당에 평화가 온듯하다.
열당독자들에게 갑질을 해대는 npd 환자, 자신 스스로를 proven
product 라고 추켜 세우는 몰상식한 노망든 노인네를 더 이상
보고 싶지 않다.

9   sanghaip [ 2019-01-09 19:40:46 ] 

노망이 들은게지. 젊은 여자 들여 놓고 멘나당 아렛도리만 함주고 당기니....젠영감은 독설만 풀고 문통 앂진핑이 또람뿌만 찬양하다 제풀에 자지러지고....

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