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TUTOR 과학,수학,영어 과외

TUTOR 과학,수학,영어 과외
Get one-on-one tutoring to excel in school!
Study with a personalized student learning plan!

College Courses: Science, Math, English (All classes : including Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Critical Writing) ,or undergraduate or graduate level test prep.
AP : Biology Calculus AB BC Chemistry Physics Statistics Environmental Science, Anatomy Physiology
IB : Physics Chemistry Biology Math
7th -12th Algebra1 2 Geometry Trigonometry PreCalculus Calculus Statistics Physics Chemistry Biology Creative Writing, Writing & Grammar Reading Comprehension
K-6th : Math, Science Writing & Grammar Reading Comprehension
SAT: Math Critical Reading & Writing,
SAT2 : Math Physics Chemistry Biology
ACT : English Math Science

120 min for $80 & trip fee (K-6th)
120 min for $90 & trip fee (7th -12th)
120 min for $100 & trip fee (AP Courses, SAT, ACT)
120 min for $110 or higher & trip fee (College Courses or Other Test Prep: Call for detail)

2013-03-06 13:11:23
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